my love

i really don't know when my love for rena began. i guess she was one of my first favorite characters when i discovered what anime was. seeing this creepy yet cute girl with a cleaver was... interesting lmao, and i don't even know how i found the higurashi series— i remember playing a game called 'mitadake high' in byond servers a loooong time ago, and their icon was rena too, making me moooore interested in who she was.

anyways, rena has been my fav girl since forever. the only characters i liked in the show were keiichi, rena and mion. but i'm not really sure— i guess rena quick switch attitude is a plus too. honestly, she's badass lmao. she doesn't take shit for nobody and even if she is scary as hell sometimes, her cute nature doesn't wear off for me, at least.

also, she is a great cook! ♡ if you ignore keiichi's paranoia lmao. i like her hobbie of searching for 'cute' things in the trash, even if that sounds weird. also, her idea of 'cute' sometimes differs from other's people views, being a little... weird.


toybox — there's no in-depth explanation of why i choose this name lol. since rena collects everything she finds cute, the only thing i could imagine was a toybox, and well, the word itself sounds cute in my ears. so ye, that's that.


OOF. this site has gotten three revamps, counting this one too. this is version 3, and honestly i think i like this one better! since i know what stylesheets are, and i build this from scratch without any dummy layout! so i'm pretty proud of my loser ass 8) there may be things that i do horribly wrong and they are messy, but if it works it works man lmao.

curiously, the color palette for the shrine has stayed almost the same since it's first layout. as everything i do, there's no much depth behind it— well, since this shrine was my first one ever, i experimented on it and these colors stayed. but seeing it now it the palette looks kinda like a strawberry...


to-do list: