Everyone's days of happiness are limited.

rena to herself.

welcome to TOYBOX, a shrine for my favorite character, rena ryuugu from the higurashi when they cry series! navigate trough this trash with the navigation below— keep note there will be some spoilers around!

please note the shrine is not finished, so there will be some dead links that are yet to exist, along with half-finished sections.

this shrine should be viewed fine in firefox, chrome and explorer for desktop!

  1. 07.11.20 ; expanded profile, series sections.
  2. 07.10.20 ; altar page is created! also, i've added more images to different sections:
    1. series page— characters.
    2. renaappearence and personality section.
  3. 07.09.20 ; layout is changed once again lmao.
  4. 06.02.20 ; layout is changed!
  5. 05.25.20 ; rena ryuugu's shrine is created!


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