26.11.20 ; party trade card created! → 24.11.20 ; layout revamp!
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welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! greetings and very welcome to my personal webpage, yobun (name subject to change SOMEDAY)! a page where there's isn't much, but it's honest work. feel free to look around this trash, and i hope you enjoy what i've done, at least! this site was created for the only reason to hold my shrines, but SINCE THERE ARE ONLY TWO, I have a long path to go!

you are viewing ver.2 — glitch hell! this is not mobile friendly, since the webmaster is a dumbass who barely can code something. It should be viewed fine in firefox, chrome and explorer (does anybody uses u buddy?) if you computer is as fucked as mine, it could run slow, so beware of the pile of images i've added. There was no huge inspiration for this layout, but my interests in glitch core and windows.