(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  1. changed the 'update' layout because i can lmao — what made me update the UPDATE page??? honestly i don't know, but ive had this idea of a notepad for this specific page. and well, it can be possibly too that i just want to practie a little my horrible coding skills? it's nothing new at all, but i've learned small things-- anyways, one of my worries is the video page i want to do, because i don't have a clue on how to design it. lmaooo kill me pls
  2. rena shrine got a revampthree revamps now. i just couldn't stop myself lmao. i've learned a couple of things and i think rena is my experiment for shrines. this is not the specifid date it got revamp, but don't care lul. also, i tried to write things as nice as possible, but i know my way of wording is horrible. but a shrine is about your favorite things, so honestly it's not that bad lol, even when it's a little difficult. honestly, i just use wiki's info for place holding while i do my thing lmao. bc im lazy. anyways— been working on nic's shrine for weeks now for both contents + layout, testing fiona's layout, and working on rule of rose contents. don't think they will see the light any time soon, but small steps.

to-do list revamp! — wohooo, after some thinking, i believed the to-do page was horrible for managing my stuff. it didn't look good in my eyes, so i wanted to create a page outside the main layout— and i'm pretty happy FOR ONCE how it tourned out! dunno where this motivation is coming from, man, but i can't complain. it would be cool to move around the little notepads like windows, but that's too complicated and i'm sure javascript has something about it... and im too dumb to learn java Y_Y ; also, been thinking adding two notepads: personal and art related....

howl's shrine is up! — finally! after one? month of doing almost anything to the shrine, it's up. for now i like it— i wanted it to be colorful and pretty simple... short pages, tho. hopefully i could add more later.

changed main layout! for some miracle i learned about stylesheets and iframes, so i don't have to edit every single fucking page every time i want to update some link or add one.

  1. changed the index page — new image every time you refresh!
  2. added header — new image every time you refresh!
  3. added a footer — with iframe, i don't have to stress every time i want to add another banner.
  4. created a 'for you' page — since my love for banners grew, i decided to edit my own! they are free to take. but i dont think anyone would like to use my trash so.

created a page about bugs — page about insects that interest me. I've always wanted to do like, research of some type of butterflies, cicadas... seeing images about bugs make me a little uncomfortable lol. unfortunately, there are no pages about any bug, and i'm a unsure when i would add one. doing research and do your own wording is quite difficult!

changed diary layout— added tabes to not make another page every month ends. (really sucks redirecting things lul) anyways, the layout was going to be my next main layout! i really would die for cutesy things, honestly. but i think this layout worked better for the diary.

crated music page.

created art page to show my shitty drawings-

created the reviews page with my first review!

added a site map for better exploration.

created 'shitpost' page. zone to ramble about anything tbh

more banners had been added to link back the site!

site begins to be active:

  1. layout is updated.
  2. rena shrine is created.
  3. multiple pages are added.

yobun is created.