Greetings and welcome to Sunset Reunion, a fansite for the amazing game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! SYL homes a unfinished shrine and a fanlisting, so, if you are a fan of this game consider joining!

358/2 is one of my favorites of the saga. Organization XIII was something I always was curious about— it's members, their will, their past and their reason to exist. How did they act in their 'comfort' zone? Did they have fun? Were they in each other throats everytime? What was happening when Roxas was there? And, who was that black haired girl...?

See You Later hopes to serve as a love letter to this sentimental game of a group of nobodies who seek for the heart they once had, in a past where everything was normal.

Navigation is on the left— 358/2 days will be the shrine section, while FL will take you to the fanlisting. Have fun!

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