Meet handsome wizard Howl! He will steal you heart if he desires it!! so be CAREFUL!

who is he and why is he so handsome?!

Howl Jenkins Pendragon, one of the most powerful wizards around that lives in his moving castle with his subordinate along with a demon he made a pact with when he was younger. One of the many rumors around him is that he steal hearts from beautiful and young women, and even eat their souls— many people try to not met his path. But in reality, Howl is a nice guy who hates war, to the cost of sacrificing his own humanity to protect the innocent civilians. It's also known he made all of the rumours to not met conflict, as he prefers being by himself and without trouble. He is 27 years old.

He falls under three aliases made by himself in three different places:

His voice in the japanese dub is Takuya Kimura, in the english dub is Christian Bale () and in the latin spanish dub is Gerardo García.

omg how does he looks like!?

At his first appearence in the movie, Howl's hair is blonde, straight and over his shoulders. It's later proven it's dyed, and after Sophie cleaned his atrocious bathroom, Howl mistakes the bottles and dye his hair orange in consequence. Then, he returns to his normal hair color, which is bluish-black.

His eye color is light blue, his complexion is slender and he is tall.

He wears a simple white shirt and black pants, with a pink coat with bluish diamonds. His sleeves are yellow, and the inside of the coat is red. Howl is not seen wearing his coat fully, as he prefers wearing it over his shoulders. The jewelry he is seen using are two green pendants and a necklance.

Thanks to his powers he can transform his body into a bird-creature, his whole body being covered in black feathers but his face. Black wings are placed on his back, or sometimes his arms are transformed into wings.

ok but... how he acts around people?

At the beggining it seems Howl is a confident man, careless about the world and vain by the spread rumors. Surprisingly, Howl lets Sophie in without much trouble. His uncaring personality against this shows he's a seren man, but thanks to Sophie's cleaning duties, we can see the real Howl when he dyes his hair a color he doesn't particularly likes. He begins to yell and whimper and in a defeated stance, he utterly whispers, "what's the point of living if you are not beautiful?" Here we can see one of Howl's weaknesses— his lack of confidence.

Later in the film, Howl is really kind and gentle with Sophie. He says he is a coward and doesn't like war, and he doesn't want to fight the war, asking Sophie if she can go to the queen's kingdom, pretending she's his mother, and tell her he can't fight.

After he gets caught using magic to distinguish himself, he bravely fights against the Queen's magic without any fear. He tells Sophie that hearing her made him much brave than he ever was. Howl protects what he loves, or maybe he doesn't like using his power for the wrong, as he doesn't care protecting the queen's dog and the witch, woman that he doesn't have a good relationship in the past.

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