"Please, don't leave me behind."



The game begins with the two twin sisters: Mayu and Mio Akamura, visiting a place where they played when they were young. But then Mayu follows a red butterfly along with Mio behind her, worried about her sister. They eventually end in an completely empty village that Mayu calls, "the lost village", a village that disappeared during a festival, and whoever gets lost in the woods is destined to be spirited away to that village without any opportunity to escape.

Without any other options, they eventually explore the village. They found a camera called "the Camera Obscura", said it takes pictures of impossible things. It comes in handy just in time, as a ghost appears behind them and Mio uses the camera to take a photograph, in wich the ghost disappears not much after using it.

Unfortunately for Mio, Mayu is led on by some crimson butterflies and a mysterious ghost wearing a white, bloody kimono. As Mio couldn't reach her in time, she has no other option but to save her and discover the village's horrible secrets— one being 'The Crimson Sacrifice Ritual', where a twin has to kill the other to please the Abyss and avoid a disaster to happen.



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