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i'm an awkward person who's still lost about her future. i'm a total loser with 10 street cats that i feed. (i guess that doesn't make them street anymore?), plus a dog. i try my best to not come as rude, because honestly idk how to talk to people lmao. total fail at that, pals.


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yobun was created in october 31th, coincidentially in hallowen's day!!

in the beggining this site was for creating pages for my utaus (that i never finished creating), then for shrines of my husbandos, but i guess this has become a personal site.

but the site never updated properly because of my lack of interest, being abandoned with nothing in it. the site begins updating after seven months, in may 25th, the pandemic being a big part of it, and my interest in doing my own website grown. i don't really remember what make me inspired to make my own site here in neocities, unfortunately.

but i do remember how i knew about neocities. i had a class that had to do with computers and bla bla, and one of the projects was to make a website. we had to find a free hosting website and while exploring, i found two: neocities and other i dont remember lol. so ya, that's it how i met this site. not that exciting ;;

as stated before, yobun began to make it's form thanks to the pandemic taking my job, making me stay at home being miserable. with playing games, watching movies and being, well, miserable, something made me inspired to shape yobun into what it is today. not too fancy, but somehow i'm pretty happy with it, even if i don't know how will it take shape in the end.

let's see when this site will be abandoned. one day yobun will be left all alone without any updates in the future— everything has an end in this world, but at least, if neocities is alive for a long time, my site will not be erased and it will stay in the world wide web forever.

now, that's depressing!!


layout ver.: 1.2 — no much changes had been done since the previous one. since i was fond of my navigation, i tried to make it stay the same. firstly i wanted the page to resemble a japanese flip phone, so i added mini icons in the menu. nevertheless, i didn't stay with my idea, as you can see lol. the layout is not changed that drastically, but somehow i learned about style sheets, so i don't have to update every page because of the navigation!! yay more points for my intelligence lmao.

also, i had in mind a darker-horror layout for the next layout, but AS YOU CAN SEE AGAIN, i didn't stick up for that neither.

let's do a bullet list of what's new:

old layouts:

old layouts/1.png

ver. BETA

here i didn't know what the hell was i doing, but i WANTED to make a website. didn't last long with this one.

ver. 1.0

here... i liked pink, i like pink. here i was experimenting a lot and something my head was going to explode,