she dreams insects take over the world
insects, woods, night, rotten smell, zombies,
banana flavor, lawrence,

a girl who likes to walk around the town of crucio. always carries her backpack and a nata hatchet with her.

she lives in her small house with her cockroaches, larvas and centipedes friends inside the woods. you can bet how it smells inside.

not really a reliable source when trying to find some support. mukade doesn't care about others, but doesn't mind them.

mukade does what she wants. walking at 3 am around town while there may be a killer outside? maybe a robber? doesn't care.

she really doesn't care about rotten smell nor any disgusting things. nobody has seen her disgusted at something, as nasty as it is.

she truly believes insects will take over the town one day.

weird creature. don't interact if you can.